Five Last Minute Valentine's Ideas

It's Valentine's Day and you haven't planned anything. You frantically check Open Table and the AMC app in hopes of snagging last minute reservations for dinner and a movie. Or maybe you already have reservations, but want to surprise your sweetie with a little something extra. Here are 5 Last Minute Valentine's Day Activities that don't need reservations and won't make you fight crowds/traffic. The best part is, these ideas work for lovers AND friends. So settle in and let the love come to you.

1. Pillow Fort Movie Night

Pillow Forts aren't just for kids anymore. In fact, they're more fun as an adult! Spread out and put your engineering skills to the test while making a nest for the night. Be sure to pull out all of your sheets, blankets, and alligator clips to secure the structure so you can be safe from cave-ins. Once you're done constructing your masterpiece, hop inside and throw on your favorite movie. Bonus points if you stock up on snacks beforehand!

I will warn you that it's heartbreaking to demolish your fort at the end of the night, so be prepared to make this a permanent addition to your decor.

2. Organize a Scavenger Hunt

I put a scavenger hunt together for my boyfriend this year and it was so fun! You can see the full rundown on my instagram story highlights under "Valentine". Ours was very involved and included a lot of far away locations, but you can easily put one together in your own home! Stash clues inside favorite coffee cups, shirt pockets, inside pillowcases and anywhere else you can think! Leave clues at each location to lead to the next hiding spot and be sure to stay nearby in case they need an extra hint. Sometimes the best gifts don't cost a lot of money, but your special someone is sure to notice your extra effort.

Make sure you have a good prize at the end to make the whole hunt worthwhile. Maybe a cupcake or other special treat?

3. Cook from a Meal Kit

Making a home-cooked meal is a rarity for me. Or at least cooking something more complicated than just seasoned proteins. Subscribing to a meal kit service is wasted on me, as I'd rather not put in the effort! Luckily, many grocery stores have started to pick up on this trend and stock their own meal kits. Look for a Publix location that offers "Publix Apron" classes or order one off Amazon (thank you, Whole Foods!).

If you find yourself in a bit of a food rut or want to learn new techniques, meal kits are a great way to get started without unnecessary additional food waste. Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to take the night off and branch out.

4. Trivia/Board Game night

Pull out an old board game or put together a trivia competition to put your competitive side to the test! If you don't have a board game handy, most libraries stock a few that you can rent out for a couple of days, convenience stores carry some of the more popular games, and amazon has a wide selection that you can have rushed to your door.

If board games aren't your thing, you can try your hand at a trivia game! Jeopardy is *finally* on Netflix or you can find a number of free phone apps stocked with trivia questions. For a bonus twist, you can make your own trivia game full of questions about yourself, shared experiences, and inside jokes. Nothing strengthens a relationship or friendship more than a little healthy competition.

5. Playlist for every occasion

One thing we always struggle with in our household is finding the right music for what we're doing. Top 40 is fun, but I can only listen to the same songs so many times before I start to go crazy. Hop on Spotify or Apple Music and work together to make playlists for different occasions. You'll get to learn more about each others music tastes and have a playlist you can put to use in the future!

Some ideas for playlists include: Cooking Music, Cleaning Music, Dancing Music, and a Workout Playlist! For fun, you can try to throw together a throwback playlist and jam out to some of your favorites for the rest of the night. If you need a starting point, check out my playlist "Throwback Thursday" on Spotify.

I hope you can all find something on this list that meets your needs this Valentine's Day. I know I'll be putting a couple of these to good use and I'll stash a couple away for future date-night ideas. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to escape for a minute to fly south.



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