A to Z Dates: A is for...

After you've been dating for a while, dates can start to be less fun. Everyone feels comfortable in a routine, but going to the same haunts over and over and over again gets boring.

This year, Scott and I decided to spice our date night up a bit by challenging ourselves to do A to Z Dates. That means we would take on a new task for each letter and (hopefully) find some new favorites to throw into our regular routine. We started this shortly after moving to Orlando, so it's actually been great to acclimate ourselves to a new city. What better way to explore a city than in alphabetical order?

We had a couple options for A, but we love dates that are a little more active. We finally settled on...

A is for Arcade

Right off the bat, we knew this was the right choice. We went to Arcade City on International Drive and their game selection was TOP NOTCH. From a beer-pong style game (called "Sink It") to a skill-based fidget spinner game, we had so much fun playing around that we forgot that we get prizes at the end! Scott dominated on the classic games (like Skee Ball and Basketball) while I kicked butt in bean bag toss and grabbed 400 tickets out of the claw machine. We ended up leaving with 1300 tickets worth of tiki mugs, curly straws, and tootsie rolls. This did exactly what every good date should do: made us forget about being on a date and focus on each other. Plus, what relationship isn't strengthened by a little healthy competition?

The Final Round Up:

A is for Arcade

Location: Arcade City, International Drive

Cost: $40 ($20 game card per person); free parking

Rating: 10/10

Check out some pictures from our night:

Let me know in the comments what YOU would try for a date starting with the letter "A". Thanks for reading and don’t forget to escape for a minute to fly south.


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